California Consulting consists of a team of Management staff, Project Managers/ Grant Writers and Senior Business Development Associates.  Our Project Managers/ Grant Writers have an entirety of experience that tops 200 plus years and they specialize in securing municipal and educational grants through a variety of funding sources. Our cohesive team has written over 1000 successful applications and secured over $1.5 billion dollars for our clients.


Shasta Bell

Director of Communications

Dan Rodriguez

Director of Operations

Ashley Ramsey

Senior Project manager

Project Managers/Grant Writers

David Marquez

Senior Project Manager

Esther Landin

Project Manager

Lisa Garcia

Project Manager

Jaimie Lewis

Project Manager

Melissa Noriego Headshot

Melissa Noriego

Project Manager

Andrea Wogsland headshot CAConsulting

Andrea Wogsland

Project Manager

Julie High, ED.D

Senior Project Manager

Ann Vermal

Senior Project Manager, Central California

Wendy Strain

Project Manager

Ilya Malinsky

Project Manager

Melissa Lisk

Project Manager

Tracy Yassini

Project Manager

Dana Leusch

Senior Statewide Project Manager

Cecily Harris

Project Manager

Diana Dinerman

Project Manager

Jen Dawani 2

Jennifer Dawani

Project Manager

Jennifer Dennis Potter_headshot

Jennifer Potter

Project Manager

Jaclyn Harte PIc

Jaclyn Harte

Project Manager

Karen Simpson

Senior Project Manager, Southern California

Audra Lee

Project Manager

Shari Edghill

Project Manager

Erin Woodside

Project Manager

Stephen Pecevich Pic

Stephen Pecevich

Project Manager

Business Development

Maryann Marino

Senior Associate, Orange County

Moriah Bradley

Associate, San Diego County

Stephen Sanger

Senior Associate, Bay Area

Theresa Cisneros-Remington

Associate, San Diego County

Chris Bowen


Matthew Park 3 SQ

Matthew Park

Associate, Kern County

Francine Castanon

Associate, Ventura County

Reverend Dwight Williams 4

Reverend Dwight Williams

Associate, Central Valley