Grant Announcement: Cal Recycle Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program Deadline is August 18th and December 8th.

CalRecycle Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program

Deadline: August 18, 2021 and December 8, 2021

Eligibility: Cities, Counties, Special Districts, Joint Powers Authorities, Public School Districts, CA State Agencies, Public Universities, and Community Colleges, Private For-Profit Entities, Nonprofit Organizations, and Qualifying Indian Tribes


The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), administers tire grant programs to provide opportunities to divert waste tires from landfill disposal, prevent illegal tire dumping, and promote markets for recycled-content tire products. The Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program provides assistance to civil engineers in solving a variety of engineering challenges. TDA, which is produced from shredded tires, is lightweight, free-draining, and a less expensive alternative to conventional lightweight aggregates. Eligible applicants include cities, counties, special districts, state agencies (including offices, departments, bureaus, and boards), qualifying Indian Tribes, and private for-profit entities that fund public works projects located in California.

Eligible Projects: Eligible projects generally fall into one of five categories. See the TDA Uses web page ( for more complete descriptions.
Category 1: Mechanically Stabilized TDA (retaining walls).
Category 2: Low Impact Development (stormwater mitigation including stormwater infiltration galleries).
Category 3: Lightweight fill (slope stabilization, embankment fill, landslide repair, and retaining walls). Category 4: Vibration mitigation (under rail lines).
Category 5: Landfill application projects (aggregate replacement projects such as leachate and gas collection systems, drainage layers, leachate injection).

Projects that are currently underway or that have been completed at the same location within the same facility within three years of application are not eligible. Landfill application projects do not include the use of shredded waste tires as an alternative daily cover or alternative intermediate cover