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Whittier City School District Receives Large Return on Investment. @WhittierCitySD

Whittier City School District has been a client since January 2014. In that short amount of time, California Consulting has written the following grant applications that have been awarded:

Arts for All Schools District Advancement Grant                                $21,900

21stCentury Community Learning Center                                          $512,059

CABE Seal of Excellence Award                                                      Merit Award

Sprint ConnectEDSchool District Grant                                           $768,000

Arts for All: School District Advancement Grant                               $17,600

CDE Gold Ribbon Award                                                                Merit Award

Lowe’s Tool Box for Education                                                                $4,264

LA County Arts for All                                                                              $19,400

Riordan Foundation Grant                                                                     $45,000

CA Math and Science Partnership (2014 CaMSP)                        $1,500,000

CostenFoundation Grant                                                                         $17,000

CA Math and Science Partnership (2015 CaMSP)                         $1,500,000

ST Math Program                                                                                       $27,000

Lowe’s Tool Box for Education                                                                   $3,745

CDE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables                                                            $17,497

Early Intervention for School Success (EISS)                                      $50,000

21stCentury Community Learning Centers Program                       $822,500

CABE Seal of Excellence                                                                    Merit Award

ST Math School Grants Program                                                            $60,000

LA County Arts Commission Arts for ALL                                            $18,900

Riordan Foundation Instructional Innovation Project                        $47,675

Grand total of $5,452,540 which is a 2,097% return on their investment!